System Requirements

Personal Device Requirements:

Computer: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, or macOS 10.14.6+
Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Mobile Device*:

Operating System: iOS/iPad OS 13.6, Android 9+
Browser: Mobile Safari, Mobile Google Chrome

* While we are doing everything we can to make the virtual event mobile friendly you might have a better experience on a laptop or desktop computer.

Internet Requirements:

A minimum internet speed 10mpbs Download and 5mbps Upload is required. Your ability to participate can be impacted by the quality of your internet service. Satellite internet service may experience a poor streaming experience.
You can test your speed by visiting the site

You might be able to increase your internet speed or verify your internet bandwidth by contacting your internet service provider.
Positioning your computer as close as possible to your wireless router or access point will help if you are experiencing slowness issues.
Please coordinate with anyone who shares your internet connection in your home to ensure they are not consuming too much bandwidth impacting your ability to participate.